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Stacy Zigman Is a Realtor with Special Training
in Counseling Senior Home Sellers!


Senior home sellers John and Jade Chin happily celebrate with Stacy and their buyers Todd and Navdeep at their January 2014 closing.

As we age, we demand specialists for our medical needs, so why not for our real estate needs as well?

Consider this: You are a senior homeowner who has been living in the family home for the past 30 years. You plan to downsize to a condo or apartment, perhaps located nearer to your children. You begin looking into the different housing options available such as a retirement community or assisted living. However, unanswered questions cloud your thought process such as:

  • How much is my home worth?
  • Is there an optimal time to sell my home?
  • What are the tax consequences if I sell my home?
  • What should I do (and not do) to prepare my home for sale.

The National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) has identified those Realtors who have earned a specific designation called the Senior Real Estate Specialist (“SRES”).

Senior home seller Lora Lubin smiles big alongside Stacy, her daughter Shellen and her attorney at the July 2012 closing of her Long Island home.

These agents are best equipped to assist seniors, and can add tremendous value and peace of mind to the overall sales process.

Stacy Zigman is one such designee. As a member of the Senior Real Estate Council, Ms. Zigman has not only successfully completed the educational requirements and other prerequisites necessary to earn her designation, but Stacy has over 24 years of experience in helping maturing clients make life-changing transitions (such as relocating and selling the family home). Stacy’s specialized expertise allows her to do more than just spearhead the home selling process. Ms. Zigman can:

a) Recommend charity organizations and rubbish removal companies who can easily arrange for the donation or removal of excess furniture and other items that have been accumulated over the years,

b) Arrange for a senior homeowner to sell his/her home AS IS, significantly reducing the amount of work and headache in selling one’s residence, and

c) Suggest the appropriate professionals to address issues that are important to seniors including tax, estate planning, and elder-law issues.

Senior home sellers Sol and Elaine Gardner and their realtor, Stacy Zigman, on the day they closed on their home.

In addition to the knowledge, understanding and contacts Stacy has acquired through the SRES designation, Stacy’s empathetic nature makes her the PERFECT agent to work with senior homeowners. Ms. Zigman points out when working with a senior client, "I make certain that all their questions are answered and I encourage them to call me as often as they like."

Although you don’t have to choose a Senior Real Estate Specialist when selling your home, why wouldn’t you? After all, for most senior adults, the homes that they live in are their largest asset and account for most of their net worth!

If you or someone you know is a member of the senior community and planning to sell a home, feel free to contact Stacy Zigman at 516-827-SOLD (7653) or email her.


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