Stacy’s Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Spend a little time and money now, and reap the benefits of a

quicker and more profitable sale tomorrow!



1. Replace a worn-out doormat
2. Buy a new mailbox
3. Repair a broken front doorbell and bell light
4. Groom the lawn and edge walkways
5. Ensure all outdoor lighting works
6. Polish, paint or replace your house street numbers
7. Trim shrubs which hide windows and reduce natural light
8. Place a pot of bright flowers or a colorful plant on your front porch or entryway
9. Keep yard clutter-free by placing toys and garden tools out of sight
10. Arrange outdoor furniture so it looks neat and orderly



11. Put out scented candles or air fresheners
12. Throw out or donate old furniture items which clutter rooms
13. Make sure all lighting fixtures have working bulbs
14. Buy new towels for the bathrooms
15. Throw out newspapers and magazines
16. Have the home including the appliances professionally cleaned
17. Replace or remove heavy or outdated curtains
18. Clean the carpets and open windows to remove any cooking or pet odors
19. Buy a centerpiece for your dining room and/or kitchen table
20. Buy new pillows or a colorful throw for the sofa